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  • Build Thread The Slaking's 01 Max

    I am blessed. I own my two favorite vehicles of all time. A 93 S10 Blazer and of course a 01 Max. I've owned a max since the 5th gen came out. Bought a 2000 off the lot way back in 2000 as a teenager. 6 or 7 years ago just when I was about to start learning how to mechanically upgrade it we found cancer (rust in the uni-body). Obviously that means certain death. I was heart broken and gave the car away the next day. After a couple years without one my wife buys me this 5 speed 01 as gift. Yes she is awesome.

    So here goes. I have had several systems in it. I've finally got my finish design in mind. Supercharger, suspension, ceramic coat all parts, paint, 6 speed swap, full custom stereo (I've been through several iterations already), and a paint job. I've started all those previously mentioned things but finished none.
    I'll do the full out log on here but for now here's the link to the stereo build on DIYMA audio.