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The Crack Mobile(2009 6mt Swapped Maxima)

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  • Build Thread The Crack Mobile(2009 6mt Swapped Maxima)

    Build Thread of my 2009 Nissan Maxima, THE CRACK MOBILE.
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    Nice man. 6-Speed 7GMs are a very rare breed.
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      Thank you! appreciate that, indeed it is, one of the reasons I love my car very much !

      But To continue on to the thread and explain the story of the car and swap, I Originally got the car in May of 2019 and knew absolutely nothing about it, which quickly changed after a couple months had gone by, cause In that time I came across a YouTube channel (GMaxima6mt) that belongs to well known 6mt swap Owner Gerson Flores, who is now a good buddy of mine through the internet after all the journey of my swap, He was a tremendous help along the way 1000% and without him I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish it.

      And after seeing what his car can do post 6mt swap instantly I knew I had to accomplish the same thing with my car.
      Fast forward to December of 2020 in Colorado I drove the car to my aunties back yard. Parked it, and Started the process of swapping my car. And Honestly it was a very big step in my journey into the world of cars because I really hadn’t known much but I knew basic common sense of how things work and helping my friends install turbos and stuff and just so I just began it, it wasn’t very difficult to what I had intend it to be, and it slowly started to smoothly go along and I knocked out a lot quickly, even though the snow and Colorado in the winter with it’s glory I still worked on the car because I wanted it done, And by late January it had payed off and i did the first start up and drive, in the time shortly after I was putting more of the final touches to the cars swap being and eventually after small fixes and what not the car was swapped and driving no issues and Racing!

      Bellow I attached some pictures I had gotten during the process of the swap
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        Since I have explained a bit of backstory of the build, I shall continue on with updates, which the most recent Mod for the build that I am adding is a set of OBX Headers & Y Pipe.

        They were priced out for 620$ after taxes and shipping, very nice deal I think. I plan to see some some gains from the headers more open flow, and also will probably complement it with a flame map for car meet days! Am going to be adding a post with them being mounted and mounted on the car but here’s some pictures of them currently.
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